Every season, teams try to buy new players in a bid to improve their performance not only in the early season but also the whole of it. However, there is the importance of maintaining your previous team because the players have a vast experience in the league. Pundits and commentators, however, say that teams have to keep their experienced players so that they would ensure continuity and they maintain the players who have experience. People believe that the integrate freshmen are not likely to play to their full potential in their first year. However, there is no solid confirmation to confirm. This article will bring out the effects of early season transfers on the performance of the teams.
What does statistics say?

Recent studies measure the percentage of the minutes played by players who played for the club the previous season. Findings from the research would enable the people to measure the effects of the new players or the old ones on the performance of teams at the beginning of the season. The research found out that teams with continuity are likely to achieve more as the season starts while those with new players are likely to produce more the as the season ends. To determine if the findings were correct, there was an examination of the two different group performance against their pre-season expectations. The research included forty teams with high continuity and forty others with least continuity.

Some of the best performing teams defy the conventional way of thinking that continuity help to elevate team performance because UT Arlington, Weber State, Princeton and Belmont averaged 2.75 according to the statistics. The teams ranked below one percent lower than the past season, a figure less significant in statistical deviation. However, the bottom 40 teams that were in continuity were 0.43 better, a less substantial difference. Continuity has a significant effect on the performance of the teams because the teams that have a high season to season continuity are likely to maintain their previous performance. The standard deviation of the top ranking reveals the their standard deviation from the previous ranking is 19.8 rankings while the standard deviation of the bottom 40 teams with continuity have their standard deviation being 27.4 rankings. However, some of the lower performing teams canceled each other out because some teams like the Central Florida jumped from 185th position to 84th. Some of the teams like Hawaii experienced a significant drop from position 159th to 200th. It would be substantial for people to note that both teams are among the bottom 40 in continuity this season, such teams with less continuity have a dramatic deviation from the expected ranking.

Apparently, continuity does not affect the performance of the teams in any big way, but if we are to predict the ability of the teams to perform the subsequent seasons, it would be important to consider continuity as a benchmark. NBA is by far one of the best leagues to place bets, however, like any other form of wagering, it would be substantial for people to have a vast knowledge of the playing teams so that they would make better predictions. It is easier to predict teams that you are accustomed to than the others. Newly formed teams are less predictable because they buy more players and we have no information. People predict the perforce of the teams accurately when they have a vast information about them. Community means that teams maintain their players and thus their performances do not differ that much, continuity makes teams more consistent in their achievement thus making a prediction of their scores easy.