Head coaching for college basketball is among one of the best paid coaching jobs inthe basketball sport. Successful head coaches in college basketball carry home heftysalaries that are mostly meant to keep them from leaving for other teams. Calipariof Kentucky is one of these highest paid college basketball coaches with over $6.3Million a season. His coaching craft has made him the man to watch in collegebasketball having won 206 games with a winning percentage of .831. Calipari isdefinitely good at his job and has taken his team to four Final Fours and scored awin in one of the two national championship games with his squad. His record isadmirable and he is raking in quite some good cash for it. But there are otherhighly paid coaches just like Calipari. Here are 5 other coaches who are amongthe highest paid basketball coaches besides Calipari.

Mike Krzyzewski, Duke ($6,043,979)

Mike had been a coach for Army for 5 years before he took up Duke where he has set agrand record since. The team has won 5 national titles under his direction and hasmade it to the Final Four 12 times. Mike’s efforts have placed him at a highercompetitive edge compared to other coaches being that he has recorded the most winsin the NCAA Division I men’s basketball history than any other. He rakes in over$6.04 Million per season for his hard work and is considerably the best coach incollege basketball history. With Krzyzewski’s coaching, from 1984, Duke made it tothe NCAA Tournament each year except once and the team has scored 12 ACC regularseason titles with 13 conference tournament championships.

Rick Pitino, Louisville ($6,004,529)

Pitino’s 30 year career has been a success in all his time as head coach havingheaded four major programs during this time. His record reveals a total of 737victories in his career and a .749 winning percentage. He earns over $6 Million aseason and has seen the Louisville through three Final Fours and a championshipsince taking them in the 2001-02 season.

Bill Self, Kansas ($4,955,186)

Bill is a winner and is known for a lot of wins in college basketball. He took theKansas program in the 2003-04 season and has steered them to 11 straight regularseasons championships of the Big 12 Conference and 12 consecutive NCAA tournamentappearances taking all wins in 2008. It’s no surprise he takes home a fat cheque forhis work.

Tom Izzo, Michigan State ($4,006,955)

Tom is one of the longest serving head coaches among this list and has a record ofthe most wins in school history. His Spartan squad has made it to every NCAAtournament since 1998 and took all wins in 2000. His direction as head coach has ledthe Spartans to five Final Four appearances and 7 regular season wins. His pay goesupto over $4 Million even though his resume is said to be deserving of so much more.

Sean Miller, Arizona ($3,484,500)

Sean Miller took over the Arizona program in 2009-10 where he has seen a successfulcareer with a winning record of .758. He was previously head coach for Xavier andhad been there for five seasons before he took up Arizona Wildcats who he hassuccessfully taken to the tournament in 4 out of 6 seasons. Although the coach isyet to take his team to a Final Four, it is clear that his grasp on the coachinggame is good, having seen three wins in three regular season championships in thePac-12 with Arizona and taken them to one conference tournament. To the ArizonaWildcats, he is a gift that just keeps on giving thus his hefty $3.4 Million pay.